Staying Focused on Your Exercise Plan

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Exercise: Momentum and Motivation

Here are some ways to combat motivation deficit:

Change it Up!  Change your exercise routine every four to six weeks.

Write it Down!  Write down your goals and review them daily

Picture It!  Tape a picture of yourself at your "ideal" on the refrigerator door l

Create an Exercise Appointment!  Schedule exercise as you would a business meeting.

Adjust Your Plans:  If you can’t get in your full exercise time, break it up into 10-minute increments

Walk the Walk!  Wear a pedometer. Challenge yourself to get in a certain amount of steps per day (experts say 10,000 per day is the average of fit people)

Accountability Partners are Great  Find an accountability buddy or group. On the days your motivation lags, your friend(s) can be your cheering section. When they’re feeling lazy, you can talk them into working out.

Whatever you choose to do, just do it!  Get moving!  Get off the couch!  Put down the remote! Do THIS FOR YOU!!!  It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Make fitness your BEST habit!