Oak Ridge Tennessee

Less than 25 miles from Downtown Knoxville is Oak Ridge Tennessee.  Once known as the "Secret City", this town has a very unique history.  It was constructed by the US Government during World War II as the site of the Manhattan Project, and the world’s first atomic weapons were constructed here.

The City is home to Melton Hill Lake recognized as the home of the Oak Ridge rowing course.  Melton Hill Lake has miles of shoreline for boating, fishing, and rowing.  Melton Lake Greenway is one of the city's 12 greenways. It runs along the western shore of Melton Hill Lake for folks to enjoy scenic & outdoor activities. 

Oak Ridge is also home to 16 beautiful parks that are strategically located throughout the City to be within one-half mile of each residential area.  The city is also known for it's top-rated schools, parks, athletic fields, close proximity to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park & it's strong historical significance to our country.